Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Result Most Eagerly Desired

  • Default on the debt
  • Shutdown the Empire
  • Break up the United States (in the same manner as the old Soviet Union)
  • End the reserve status if the US Dollar
The fact that all the powerful financial, political and media interests in the US are so fearful of these things indicates to me that they are things to be most eagerly desired.  The media is full of stories about the rump confederacy faction in the house of representatives that is bringing this about.  Over at Salon there was an interesting article along these lines.

The best quote:
The Treasury bond market is at the core of American financial economic power. It’s the gold standard of the global securities markets. It’s the safe haven in times of trouble, and if that safe haven loses some of that safe haven status, something happens to U.S. power in the world. I’m no fan of empiresI’m not saying this would necessarily in the long term be a tragic thing.
But it would promote an awful lot of disorder, and quite possibly a global financial crisis, and another return to deep recession. So there’s that. The consequences of default could be quite tumultuous.
I highlighted the bold part.  Indeed, not only would it not be a tragic thing, it is a thing to be most eagerly desired.

A lot of people will get hurt.  A lot more people around the planet will be left free to figure out their own problems without drones and seal teams and American military might to place the boot of oppression on their necks.  It's not a bad trade off.

Friday, November 9, 2012

There's a Remedy for That

All that premature ejaculation coming from our favorite liberal sites is somewhat disgusting.  Here's a dose of something to remedy that.

The triumph of a lesser evil is still a victory for evil. If your neighborhood is tyrannized by warring mafia factions, you might prefer that the faction which occasionally doles out a few free hams wins out over their more skinflint rivals; but would you be joyful about the fact that your neighborhood is still being tyrannized by murderous criminals? Would you not be sad, cast down, discouraged and disheartened to see the violence and murder and corruption go on? Would you not mourn the fact that your children will have to grow up in the midst of all this?
As usual, Chris Floyd nails it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

From the Department of Total Lack of Self Awareness

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Williams is very upset that Donald Trump is an ass.
what do you say we agree to stop paying attention to this desperate troll once and for all?
Sure, you first Ms. Mary.

Cracks me up how so many liberals get all pissed off at the things Rush, Trump and the rest of the right wing nuts have to say by, of course, talking about the things they say.

Needless to say, the first step to ignoring psychopathic assholes is to actually begin ignoring them.  But then they wouldn't have anything to talk about I guess.

Monday, October 8, 2012

I'll Trade You a Handful of Centrists for One Real Socialist

I'm informed that the "centrists" are exiting congress.

If Olympia Snowe is a centrist then Benito Mussolini was a liberal democrat.

There are no centrists in our government.  We have a range of corporatist right wing neoliberals to fascist right wing authoritarians running our country and holding our elected offices.  They all buy into the fascist fist of imperialism with the only real argument being how many wars we should start and where we should start them.

So long as the bread and circuses continue the citizenry will have no problem with it.

Semper idem.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Throw the Bum Out

I've been sick of that loser piece of shit in the white house for quite some time.  It is indeed sad that our first black president is a complete failure, but oh well, odds are good that anyone getting into the white house is going to be a fuck head. Race has nothing to do with it. So let's get on to the next one already, bring on Romney!

The country will hate his guts soon enough too.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

That About Sums it Up

Chris Floyd is on target as usual.
I understand there is some kind of event scheduled for this evening that will feature two known and proven liars mouthing pious rhetoric, brazen falsehoods and scripted zingers in a process carefully crafted by their paid handlers to exclude any substantive examination of genuine issues of vital concern to the citizens whom the two known liars purportedly wish to "serve." I understand this will be followed by an outpouring of fetid gas emitted by a series of third-rate intellects and clueless goobers in various media who will examine the body language and facial expressions of the two proven liars to determine which of the liars might have gained the most political benefit from their lying and zinging and pious posing.The end result of this process will be that one of the two known and proven liars will become the temporary manager of a world-spanning, treasury-bleeding war machine which they will use to kill many innocent people over the next four years while continuing to degrade the lives and liberties of their own citizens on behalf of a brutal, stupid and rapacious elite.

Like Chris, I'll also be spending the evening on frivolous pursuits. I'm making batches of home made chili with all the tomatoes I've been getting from the garden, listening to some music and making the best of a world that the people who rule us are trying to run into the ground.

Maybe some alcohol to numb the pain...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

But He's the Guy Most Would Like to Have a Beer With

Another most excellent Ted Rall cartoon.

I know I'm a lot better off than that poor detainee sitting chained to the fence, but for some reason I feel just a bit like him.  Forced to listen to happy face goons driveling on about how Hopey Changey (tm) is just so likable and gee ain't that swell and grand.

The self control required to keep from retching is enough to elevate me into some sort of Zen state of super consciousness.

Hey, just looking for the silver lining ya know?